Most Ven. THICH THIEN TAM in Mumbai India
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Viết bởi CPV/VNA   
Thứ tư, 01 Tháng 6 2011 00:44
Most Venerable Thich Thien Tam: Viet Nam Buddhist Sangha is part of Vietnamese nation
17:09 | 22/01/2004
Viet Nam's Buddhism has over the past centuries always considered itself as part of the Vietnamese nation and made many contributions to consolidating the national unity and to national defence and construction.
So said the Most Venerable Thich Thien Tam, member of the Viet Nam Buddhist Sangha (VBS)'s Standing Committee, Deputy Director of the VBS Central Committee's Department of Dharma Dissemination, member of the International Buddhist Relations Department, at a workshop entitled "Buddhism and Social Justice", held in Mumbai City, India, on Jan. 19, as part of the 4th World Social Forum. 
The Most Venerable Thich Thien Tam was invited by the WSF's organising board to preside over the workshop, which drew over 200 monks, nuns, intellectuals, social activists and journalists, including those from the US and Europe. He stressed that the Vietnamese authorities have never caused any troubles to the practice of Buddhism and other religions in the country. 
He said that the US House of Representatives' Resolution HR427 and the European Parliament's resolution that slanderously accused the Vietnamese authorities of violating human rights and repressing Buddhism are totally wrong because they do not truly reflect the real situation of Buddhism in Viet Nam at present.


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